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EWA Case Study - Industry: Construction

“Employees Get Financial Assistance at the Right Time to Help them Live Better”

Key Takeaways:

unipe ewa construction industry case study summary


Indian subsidiary of a Japan-based construction giant based out of New Delhi, the company has heralded many projects mostly in the North of India. With a growing team, the company boasts of a solid foundation with engineering design solutions expertise. It has 30+ years of experience with over 700 projects in its portfolio. The company also has strict labour compliance laws in place and follows labour regulations very strictly, something all employees are made aware of.

The company envisions increasing its footprint in the south and west of India and achieving all its seventeen sustainable development goals, especially for its workforce.

The Challenge:

It is estimated that about 8.5 million workers in India are working in the construction business. Labourers working in this segment are one of the most vulnerable segments in India. Not only are they characterized by their inherent risk to life but they also form a part of the unorganized labour market in India. ​​The work also involves a casual relationship between the employer and the employee, uncertain and long working hours, displacement from home, and lack of amenities. Having minimal statutory provisions, the requisite information regarding the number and nature of accidents is also not known on time. For the company it meant a lack of timely action and understanding of what wage benefits to include in their policy.

Getting to the heart of the problem:

The biggest economic crisis in the wake of the pandemic hit the labour market the most. The existing problem is amplified and despite the dependency of our economy on this segment, too little too late is always how an action is defined. With the focus on its sustainable development goals, the company endeavours to provide this segment of employees with a better life and access to sustainable development. One of the identified solutions for achieving the same was giving them more financial flexibility and freedom through Unipe’s programs.

unipe ewa construction industry case study feedback

The Solution:

As a construction giant, the company depends heavily on construction labourers. Not only has it been difficult to build a lasting relationship pre-pandemic but post-pandemic has further hampered this relationship. 66% of the labourers reported income loss and had emergency funds that lasted only two months. The financial situation is even more vulnerable despite being back to work with access to salary only every month. The company choice to help employees through Unipe helped the business.

Benefits of using Unipe include:

  1. Financial assistance via EWA helped the company get closer to its vision and sustainable goals

  2. The assistance came at the right time, to help manage the vulnerable segment’s spending and get rid of mounting debt as a result of the pandemic

  3. The EWA program also helped in building a better relationship between the employer and employee, taking it further from just a casual bond.

unipe ewa construction industry case study testimonial

Post-Unipe Picture:

unipe ewa construction industry case study success



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