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Payroll Delays Can Hurt Your Business' Reputation

Plan ahead & ensure the timely payroll and financial well-being of your workforce with Unipe's Payroll Financing Solution.


Transform Your Business with Payroll Financing

Unipe's revolutionary Payroll Finance ensures businesses meet their payroll obligations on-time, every time, maintaining a satisfied workforce.

Instant Approval

Immediate approval for timely payroll

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Enjoy ensuring uninterrupted payroll

Minimal Paperwork

Bypass heavy documentation

Low-cost Financing Options

Rates based on business health & credit

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Your Ultimate Answer to Payroll Finance Needs

Discover how Unipe's Instant Payroll Loans redefine your payment processes for SMEs.

Request Payroll Finance

provide necessary documents & get instant approval

Access Funds 24/7

experience uninterrupted payroll funding

Run Payroll Seamlessly

ensure timely salary with our payroll credit solutions

Easy Auto-Deduction

simplified repayments with auto-deduction features

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Let’s work together

Get in touch to request a demo for your company.

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Trusted Among Leading Payroll Finance Providers in India

“Payroll financing has allowed access to immediate funds to cover payroll expenses, ensuring that employees are paid on time. This has helped my  business to avoid cash flow gaps and maintain a positive working relationship with the employees.”

Rinku Lamba, Director


Good for people 
is good for business

30% ↑

Increased work hours due to stronger effort

38% ↓

Reduction in employee attrition

45% ↓

Lower absenteeism and staff turnover

Transform Your Business with Unipe's Payroll Financing Solutions

Unlock the potential of hassle-free payroll processing and ensure timely employee payments. Empower your business with Unipe's tailored Payroll Financing Solutions.

Have questions?
We have answers.

  • How can we offer Unipe to our employees?
    In order to offer Unipe to employees, please register on our website. Signup or simply contact as us and we will do the needful. 
  • Who is eligible to be a partner of Unipe?
    If you follow the minimum wages protocol of your state, you are eligible to get on board on the Unipe platform. Please submit all KYC docs while signing up for the platform and we will instantly verify the eligibility criteria.
  • Do we pay the employees the loan?
    Loans are processed by a registered and regulated NBFC to the employees.
  • How much do we pay for the service?
    It is absolutely FREE for the employer! 
  • Is the employee information safe?
    All information stored on our servers is encrypted and heavily secured. We take sensitive information protection very seriously and will ensure protection of your company data. 
  • Do employees need to have an account on Unipe’s interface/application?
    Yes, employees need to download the Unipe App via the link shared with them while they are onboarded on the platform by the employer.
  • What information and access does Unipe need to provide this service to our employees?
    Please go through our sign-up process to know this information.
  • How much do we pay Unipe for this service?
    Unipe platform is free to use for eligible employers.
  • Do you need our team/resource to manage the backend?
    No. All processes/features are 100% automated.
  • What is Unipe?
    Unipe is a company dedicated to bringing financial wellness to employees by providing a digital platform to employees and employers alike.
  • What’s in it for me?
    It has multiple products/services that can help with better financial planning. Following are some benefits: Get access to instant credit More sustainable options to save your money  Grow your earnings by planning your income and spending better
  • Does Unipe charge me any fees or interest on the loans?
    Unipe Cash is an Instant Credit program that provides instant cash to employees based on their working (unpaid) days. Unipe is dedicated to enhancing financial wellness by offering a digital platform for both employees and employers.
  • How quickly will I get the loan?
    Depending on your company’s payroll process, we will evaluate the earliest date of disbursal and show you the options in the Unipe App.
  • If I take Rs.1000 today, when will I have to pay it back?
    The advance amount taken will be automatically deducted from your salary at the time of payroll processing.
  • Can I apply for any amount or is there a limit to what I can get as a loan?
    We currently have an Unipe Cash (Instant Credit) program only. You will soon get options to get personal loans in the Unipe app itself.
  • What happens if my employer is not a partner at Unipe?
    Your employer needs to be a partner of Unipe. It is a simple process to introduce the relevant decision maker to us. Without your employer being our partner, you will not be able to access the Unipe app currently.
  • What is the difference between a bank and Unipe?
    Unipe is an Instant Credit platform. Unipe partners with financial institutions to empower you with instant cash. Unipe does not lend money directly to anyone and does not act as a lending institution. Not to mention the exorbitant interest rate that bank or other financial lenders charge.
  • Is my data protected?
    Your data is 100% encrypted and stored securely. It is shared only with RBI Regulated entities post consent of the user.
  • How can I access my salary?
    You can access your salary when the employer processes the salary at their end, directly to your registered bank account.
  • How can I get a loan against my salary?
    Unipe Cash program is essentially a short-term credit drawn against earned salary and payable in future by the employer. We do not offer any other format of financial services currently on the platform.
  • How to create an account on Unipe?
    You can access Unipe App once your employer is onboarded on the Unipe platform. Please talk to your employer (HR) and ask them to reach out to us at in order to onboard them on our platform.

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